Single Session Descriptions:

Loose Leash Walking - All ages
Get the tools/techniques to teach your dog to walk with a loose leash

Coming When Called - All ages
Work recall and learn ways to increase success

House-Training - All ages - Great session if you're about to get a puppy! HUMANS ONLY
Learn crate training, how to successfully house train your dog

Puppy Socialization - Puppies 8-16 weeks old.  Great session if you're about to get a puppy!
Learn the best ways to properly socialize your puppy to the world of new sights, sounds and smells

Manners- All ages
This session covers jumping, door dashing and counter-surfing

Tricks - Pre-requisite:  Jr High or higher.  

Learn tricks like Take a Bow, Spin, High 5 and the fundamentals of teaching tricks so you can keep teaching your dog new behaviors!

Single Session - Come when called
Single Session - Walking
Single Session - Puppy Socialization

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Single Session - Manners

Sometimes all you need is a class on one topic.  Or, with the holidays coming doing a 5 weeks series isn't possible.  Single Session classes meet one time for about an hour and cover a particular topic (see below).  Single Sessions cost - $20. 

About to get a puppy or dog?  These sessions will give you a head start on what to do when you bring your new family member home. 

These sessions are for dogs that have no trouble with strange people and strange dogs. 

You will need proof of vaccination--Distemper/Parvo for all ages, Bordatella and rabies for dogs over 16 weeks--from a veterinarian to attend a session with your dog.  You always have the option of coming on your own.

Single Sessions