These classes have a maximum of 4 dogs per class, are outdoors andindoors (masks are optional outdoors)and are for dogs that have no trouble (aggression or extreme fear) with strange dogs or strange people.  Proof of vaccination (Distemper/Parvo for all ages, Bordatella (kennel cough) and rabies over 14-16 weeks) by a veterinarian is required to attend class.  Titers test is also accepted.   You can enroll, pay, do everything online from the Schedule page

IMPORTANT:  All In person group classes are for dogs that have no trouble (aggression/fear) of strange people and strange dogs.  

Click HERE for class schedule​

*NEW* Puppy GymboreeFor puppies 8-14 weeks old at class time.  Single 1 hour class for $25

This class is all about exposing your puppy to new things like tunnels, jumps, uneven surfaces, other puppies and people, all to help them build confidence during this important stage of their life.  Click HERE for a video and more info.

Kindergarten - 8 weeks to 5 months of age -  5 week class.  $125 for the 5 week session.
Sit, down, stay, loose leash walking, leave it/drop it, recall, all the basics plus we address issues like jumping, nipping, house training, etc.  

Elementary - 5 months old and up - 5 week class.  $125 for the 5 week session.
Same curriculum as kindergarten but for older dogs with an emphasis on canine communication.  ​

*NEW* Fast Track - all ages - Cover everything from our 5 week class!  $125 for the 5 week session.

 Meets 5 times in 2 1/2 weeks.  Sit, down, stay, loose leash walking, leave it, wait at door, drop it, recall, sit for greetings.  

Junior High - Kindergarten or Elementary class a prerequisite or a free evaluation - $99 for 3 week class
For those of any age who already know the basics and need to add a bit more distraction and polish things up for High School!

High School - Previous class a prerequisite or free evaluation - $115 for 5 week class

Take everything you've learned in previous classes and add real world distractions with games and field trips! 

CGC Prep - 2 week class that covers all elements of the Canine Good Citizen test.  $49 includes AKC fee and test. 

Field Trips - Jr High class is a prerequisite or a free evaluation - $95 for 4 week class
It's just like it sounds, 4 weeks of classes in the real world practicing everything you've learned!  

Single Sessions - All ages -  $30 per class

These are a 1 time 1 hour group class that focuses on specific behaviors like Loose Leash Walking, Recall, Focus, etc.

                                                 Private Training - One to one training at our facility - $99/session
                                                       In Private sessions we work on whatever you'd like and schedule around your availability.  Please contact us to                                                                             schedule your individual session

                                                 In Home - Training at your home - $199/first session.  Multi-session pricing available.

                                                       Please contact us to schedule your In Home training

                                                 Gift Certificates - Give the gift that can change someone's life with their dog.  We offer Group and Private training                                                                     gift certificates.  Click HERE to purchase

We Provide In Person and Online Training


We are using Zoom Meetings for Online sessions (We recommend high speed internet access). Great for dogs that have trouble with strange people or strange dogs and need to learn the basics.

Online Private Training - One to one training  - $85/session
In online Private sessions we work on whatever you'd like.  Please contact us to schedule your session

Phone Consultations - $65
Please contact us to schedule your consultation