PTSD Service Dog Training - Click HERE for more information​​​ on our affiliate Huntsville Got Your Six PTSD Service Dog Training for veterans and their dogs.

Kindergarten - 8 weeks to 5 months of age 
Sit, down, stay, loose leash walking, leave it/drop it, recall, all the basics plus we address issues like jumping, barking, nipping, house training, etc.  5 weeks - $95.  

Elementary - 5 months and up 
Same as kindergarten but for older dogs with an emphasis on canine communication.  5 weeks - $95.

Junior High - Kindergarten or Elementary class is a prerequisite unless you schedule a free evaluation. 
For those of any age who already know the basics and need to add distraction and real world training. Field trips!  5 weeks -$95.

High School - Jr. High is a prerequisite unless you schedule a free evaluation
Go for the more advanced commands like "Stand", emergency sit, "Place".  Using games and field trips you learn techniques to keep your dog focused in distracting situations.  4 weeks - $85. 

Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Prep - Kindergarten, Elementary or Jr High is a prerequisite unless you schedule a free evaluation.  Your dog can earn their AKC Canine Good Citizen certification.  Check out the certification items HERE.  .  2 weeks - $45.

Private Training - One to one training at Such A Good Dog's facility.  Please contact to schedule your session.  $85.  Packages available.

In-Home Training - Training in your home.  Please contact to schedule.  $175.  Packages available.

Single sessions - We cover topics like jumping, loose leash walking, nose work, clicker training. Check Schedule page for upcoming sessions and to enroll.   $20

Seminars - Check Schedule page for upcoming seminars.  $20

Field Trips - Jr High or High School is a prerequisite.                                                                                           Practice everything from loose leash walking to polite greetings in the real world within the comfort of a group.  $85 - 4 week series is all field trips.  

Fun & Games - Jr. High or High School is a prerequisite.                                                                                      

We use learned skills to play games like Scavenger Hunt, Baseball, Musical Chairs, and we throw in a few tricks!  $85 - 4 weeks

Pack Walks! Free!

Swimming in the summer! (for current and former students)

Proof of vaccination (DHLP all ages, Bordatella and Rabies for dogs over 14 weeks) by a veterinarian

or titers test is required

Group class sizes are maximum 4 dogs 
Check the Schedule page for upcoming sessions

All Group classes are at 517 Jordan Lane Huntsville