​We got a puppy and I knew we should get training sooner rather than later. I am so happy that we did. Sonny is picking up on all the commands. Me and the kids feel in control instead of spiraling helplessly into the doggy abyss 😜. We are signing up for junior high ASAP!!!!! I always had well behaved children, now the dog is even well proud momma!!!! 

Nicole was informative, patient & one of the best trainers I've used over the years.

This is my third class with Jennie, with two different dogs. She is SO patient. I don't know how she does it. I've learned so much from her; I can't say enough good things. I'm going to continue to take classes as my dogs are ready for them.

This was clearly helpful to Honey, but it was especially beneficial to our daughter in learning more about working with her new pup. It’s amazing how much dog (and humans) learned in these weeks of training. On to Jr High!

I believe this course is mainly for the owners. At least that is how it felt to me. I realized that I had been going about training my puppy the wrong way, and attending these classes showed me a more effective and proper way to train her. Fair warning this will take effort if you want to meet your goals. So if you're not willing to try and think your dog will magically learn how to behave then you should probably rethink your decision about having a dog in the first place. I had a great time over the past 5 weeks, and my dog has improved so much it is hard to imagine what she was like before. 

Nicole did a great job with all of the puppies in our class. She is an excellent trainer with great enthusiasm. Highly recommended!

Gary is a great teacher, the glass was great! Worth every bit of money just to teach our dog to wait at doors! Gary was great at personalizing things for us and others in the class; every dog was not on the same page every week and had different struggles. Gary made sure to turn in to each dog to help that dogs be successful. We will definitely be back!

Jennie was very responsive to our questions, and she was extremely informative about dog training. You can tell she has a passion for dogs, and she made it fun for us.

​I have been to nearly every dog training facility in the Huntsville area. Such a Good Dog is the best trainers i have found. They provide training for the "real world" not AKC obedience (which for most of the dog owning population is not a real concern). Class sizes are very small, which allow for individual attention, and your dog "works" during the class instead of standing around. General dog related training questions or issues are genuinely discussed and suggestions are helpful.

Highly recommend SAGD. Gary was great. He is very knowledgeable and does an excellent job of teaching and training both the dog owner and the dog. You can tell he loves/enjoys doing this. 

Thank you for teaching us not only the basic commands that helps us towards a more obedient dog, but also help us to build a lasting relationship with our dog. The class is encouraging, fun, and wonderfully challenging (for me, ha!). I'm now a better trained Mama for leading and teaching our 75lb puppy!

Wonderful trainer- Jennie Hudson. I love the small classes and easy to follow lessons. Jennie is so good at explaining and demonstrating the concepts. My dog loves the classes, too!

Gary has such a knowledge of dogs and how they think. Wonderful insights and tips along with learning the skills we were looking for. 

The classes were thoroughly enjoyable and Jennie was so patient and knowledgable. Our puppy absolutely adored her! We learned so much and Jennie also gave us advice about the difficulties we were having at home. It was nice having a small class size so we all got personalized attention. I would definitely recommend the classes.

I really enjoyed the variety of places we went to train. Nicole kept it interesting, exciting, and challenging. Her demeanor is simply wonderful for working with dogs and their owners. It is clear that she knows what she’s doing and has such an upbeat, positive attitude! My dog’s knowledge has exponentially grown since taking Jr. High, and I love the level of challenge it brings! 

Jennie was great to work with. She always took time to make sure we got the new task correct. She was very upbeat and fun to work with. She was also very patient with all of us who dogs were not the best. She was GREAT!!!! 

When I got Annie, everyone had input on how to raise her right. As grateful as I am for that advice, it's confusing hearing how to handle your dog from people that have different dogs. Annie is different from my parents' dogs, my friends' dogs, other family members' dogs... obviously. So, what works for them usually doesn't work with Annie. Believe me, I've tried everything to keep that dog from mauling my arms, legs, hands and feet. I've known for a while that I needed one person, just one, who knew what they were doing to get Annie and me getting on the same page. I need training, too! SALVATION CAME!!! I waited for about a month to get Annie in puppy classes, and we started last week. Already, we're learning how to communicate with each other in a way that works for both of us. We have a list of dog training facilities on this website, but Annie and I are going to Such a Good Dog with Laurel Rose. I just want to say, that woman knows her stuff. I recommend trying her out if you need help with your dog.

​Terrific class! Love the small size and the personal instruction. Jennie is patient without being condescending and in general, is an excellent instructor. And possibly magical.

​Laurel is an excellent instructor, passionate about her work and makes training fun. I love the   games and practical situations she places you in in class. I am a puppy raiser for service dogs.  She  helped me better understand dog body language, how subtle their little manipulative  personalities  can be and how to handle this behavior. Great experience for me and my dog! I'm  headed back  with my new puppy!

Laurel takes the time to repeat instruction over and over again so you "get it". She will show you rather than tell you what you are doing right and wrong. When something is not going as expected she will go back a touch on the subject to help you conquer the task! She also brings to light what can happen and why and what to do about it. I can tell she truly loves what she does!

Great Experience and awesome, knowledgeable trainer. Jennie was patient and very good with us. We learned a lot and look forward to the next step. Love the small class size. Thank you! 

I needed to know that Jennie liked Calvin, not just tolerated him. It was apparent that Jennie not only liked Calvin, but that she saw how much I wanted Calvin to be successful and offered wise counsel in a professional and kind way.

We loved our elementary school class with Callie! She is so knowledgable and great with dogs and we loved the positive approach! Our guy is definitely on his way to being a much better behaved dog! We're confident that with our consistency, the strategies we learned will make our lives with doggy even better! Thanks for a great experience, we can't wait for junior high!

Jennie was terrific! She's very patient—without being a pushover—and did her best to equip my dog and me not just with 'sit' and 'down', but with the tools to go forward. To teach the theory of how to teach your dog to behave. Dexter says wuff! 

Ranger and I really enjoyed the Junior High class. He made a lot of progress with staying calm and focused in stressful situations with other dogs and people. 

With yall's help I was able to teach my poor puppy how to be a respectable citizen! We both had so much fun! I really appreciated Jennie's help when my schedule changed halfway through the class. 

​It was great! This class showed me that a "difficult" dog was really just a "different" dog who could do great things.

We couldn't have been happier with the services. Laurel was very good about instructing us on how to deal with our stubborn english bulldog :-)

Very informative, organized and fun! Loved the added tips given throughout classes and the   chance to go into the store.

I like the fact that you get to the heart of the matter in order for dog owners to have a full understanding and better appreciation of what it takes to care for our dogs.

I had done some training with my dog prior to working with Laurel; however, I feel as though this class helped me learn to speak with my dog. I learned to better read little changes in my dog's body language, and most importantly I learned how to effectively communicate with him. Dog training is not difficult, but it does take time and consistency. Laurel is fantastic at helping her students learn both. She makes class fun while also being informative. I would recommend Laurel and Such A Good Dog to anyone who is interested in training their dog. She uses the best techniques without making it too difficult to learn. I feel as though the positive techniques I learned from Laurel far surpasses any \"or else\" punishment training techniques taught elsewhere.

I learned so much more than I was expecting. Especially about my dog's body language. I feel like I  understand him so much better! Loved the water run game. Just wish we could have played more  games.

Fantastic experience. All dogs and OWNERS need to do check this out!

Laurel is awesome. We have participated in other obedience classes w/ other organizations and  have not had the success we have had w/ Laurel. She has helped Dot become less anxious, and  become a more well trained dog. Laurel actually worked w/ us w/ behavioral and obedience and  Dot has made great strides.

I would highly recommend your services. Class size was small and I felt like everyone got a lot of attention. And the games were great.

With regard to my 9-month old lab, the best thing I ever did was to call Laurel. Molly was becoming  a beast, dominating everything and everyone in our home! After a couple of hours with Laurel,  everything started falling into place. Our biggest issue was aggression at her food bowl and with  high-reward treats, which was a real problem because we have young children. Laurel knows dogs!  Everything she taught us has worked beautifully. Molly is like a different dog now. I would  recommend Laurel and her services (on any level) to anyone and everyone, whether its something  specific or just general training. She really knows what she is doing!!! Thank you Laurel!

I am so glad we chose Such A Good Dog for obedience class. I really like that the class size was  limited. Laurel really understands dogs, why they are doing certain things and how to change  behaviors. Since our dog was a rescue dog, who had some obedience training before, the class  helped me learn as much as refreshing things she had learned. I am hoping to get a stay sit/stay  down long enough so we can come to Junior High!!

Everyone has noticed a change in our dogs since we went through the course. I liked that all  training was positive. The puppies are happier, calmer, and actually listen to us. We have more  work to do, but this class really gave us a great start.

 I can't say enough about Laurel. We have both of our dogs enrolled with her after having attending  other training in the past. The difference in the level of expertise Laurel has compared to other  local trainers was apparent almost immediately. Our dogs literally love it there and look forward to  going every week. And that was when things go well... One of our dogs was involved in, and honestly was to blame, for an incident during one of the group  classes. Laurel not only handled the situation calmly and professionally, but encouraged us to let  her work with our dog as a project. The experience has literally been life changing for us and our  dog...we have learned so much and watched our antsy, high-strung dog turn let so much of his  stress go and begin enjoying a more laid back lifestyle. We are still working, but the work Laurel  and Such a Good Dog does is amazing. I wouldn't trust most people's opinion about my dog...but  Laurel has proven to be a genius!

So knowledgeable! You never made me feel bad about all the stuff I didn't know. It was so much   fun and I learned so much.